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and we want to help you protect yourself. One local self-defense school shows how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim and ways to respond in a worse-case scenario. Steve Sulze, owner of Xtreme Krav Maga in Fenton, has been.

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That’s why knowing how to protect yourself is priceless. Drew Serrano and Tracy DiGiovancarlo are both trained martial artists. Through the program Escape Alive, they teach free self-defense classes to women. “I think it’s more about.

Coleman hopes to put on this seminar once a month, but said his gym is open every day to teach self-defense to everyone. "You’re going to learn how to defend yourself, but the number one key that everyone can use is.

Feb 13, 2010  · Above: Image from Colonel Monstery’s section on bare-knuckle boxing, reprinted in Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies. (Photo of original in author’s.

In between competitions, at just 10 years old, Ethan began teaching two self-defense classes at the Surf City Community Center. “Wrestling, jiu-jitsu, boxing.

“You always hear all these stories about women getting attacked, so knowing.

“The way we teach martial arts, self-defense is a part of it,” John Kruger said. Knowing basic skills to defend yourself can help to make you feel more.

To prepare for the worst, Fallout Shelter Ministry and Call to Freedom are teaching others. with a two hour long self defense class. “They’re going to have a little idea on how to save their own life. It’s like CPR for yourself,” said Head.

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Gershon Ben Keren, head instructor of Krav Maga Yashir Boston, has been fighting against this statistic for four years now by providing women with free self-defense classes. Keren has more than 20 years of experience teaching reality.

Magickal Self Defense: A Quantum Approach to Warding, 2008, 213 pages, Kerr Cuhulain, 0738712191, 9780738712192, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2008.

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A Call To Arms By Sherry Shriner http://www.sherryshriner.com. One of the biggest dilemmas facing many Christians today is what to do about the persecutions.

No matter which way you spin it, the only self-defense tool you’re going to definitely have on you at all times is your own body. And while that might be a hard.

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Develop Discipline, Self-Esteem, Focus, Get Fit And Learn To Defend Yourself With Tranditional Japanse Jiu Jitsu At Nokado Schools of Self Defense. Free Trial Class!

"The way it works is if you don’t stand up for yourself and I’m the bad guy why would I ever. Foster uses the three A’s to teach self-defense: awareness,

You can learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm faster than you might imagine. Your training will focus on self defense and build life-saving skills.

INSTANT SELF DEFENSE WHY THIS BOOK? When we determined to establish a webpage and scare you to death with the horrendous descriptions of.

(KNOE) – When one group of students from West Monroe High School aren’t in the books, they’re learning self-defense. are teaching themselves how to do just that. "If anyone is trying to cause you harm then you already have that right to.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – It’s important to know how to defend yourself, especially if. important things taught at this women’s self-defense seminar.

What we teach in our training is that if you are not comfortable. and we ask them what are you going to do? Are you going to carry for self-defense, is it for home target-shooting? We try to make it clear to people that if they’re not.

he rise in the number of child kidnapping cases in Varanasi has led parents in the city to make them go in for self-defense training in martial arts. child’s development — learning how to defend yourself. We have different forms of martial arts.

What is Krav Maga. Krav Maga is the most effective martial art in existence for self defense. A street fight is not confined to a weight class, hands are not wrapped.

It’s a scary thing to think about, but you never know when and where you may need to have the skills to protect yourself. This morning 10-11’s Natalie Micale took a self-defense class with Chief Master Dan Longoria who has 40 years of.

Attackproof.com: Home of Martial Realists and the grease that makes all your other training work better. Real self-defense books, classes and videos combining.

Tactical Firearms Training in South Florida. Our Tactical Training Courses include Gun Safety – Close Quarter Tactical Pistol – Urban Assault Rifle / Carbine.

Our unique combination of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Self-Defense, Kickboxing & MMA creates a complete, well rounded training experience. Established in 1985, White Dragon.

Morris said her school is adding a “more intense self-defense program for women,” and likes to keep these kinds of classes simple, because, unlike competitive.

Be responsible for yourself and your friends. Get your own drink. If you put it down, leave it. And never leave your friends behind. "There’s a psychology behind it," said Bob Moore, who travels the country teaching self-defense techniques.

>Biblical Self-Defense: Bible study about self-defense What is the Biblical view of self-defense? Can a Christian own a gun? What do the Scriptures say about using.

Self defense is a right not a privilege. How you choose to answer the challenge will determine if you are among the survivors or a nameless, faceless victim of an attack.

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Westchester Teen Krav Maga Class – Steve Sohn’s Krav Maga. Stay In Shape, Walk With Confidence and Learn To Protect Yourself.

That night, the department graduated its second class from a self-defense course offered free to area. “One thing they teach too is to not put yourself in predicaments,” Connors said. “If you don’t feel comfortable getting on an elevator.