Trust In Yourself & You’re Doomed!

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Trust in yourself and you are doomed
to disappointment; trust in money and
you may have it taken from you; but
trust in God, and you are never to be
confounded in time or eternity.
– D.L. Moody


Faith and love are apt to be spasmodic
in the best of minds. Men and women
live on the brink of mysteries and harmonies
into which they never enter and with
their hand on the door latch they die
outside. – GK Chesterton


Sad? Lonely? Worried?



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هل تعلم أن الله يحبك؟
Visste du att Gud älskar dig?
Czy wiesz, że Bóg cię kocha?
Wist u dat de God van u houdt?
האט איר וויסן אַז גאָט ליב איר?
Ar žinote, kad Dievas jus myli?
Знаете ли, че Бог ви обича?
Jeste li znali da vas Bog ljubi?
Ĉu vi scias, ke Dio amas vin?
Wußten Sie, daß Gott Sie liebt?
Știați că Dumnezeu te iubește?
Avete saputo che il Dio li ama?
Você soube que o Deus o ama?
Tudtad, hogy Isten szeret téged?
¿Usted sabía que el Dios le ama?
Γνωρίζατε ότι ο Θεός σας αγαπά;
Avez-vous su que Dieu vous aime?
Знаете ли вы, что Бог любит вас?
האם אתה יודע שאלוהים אוהב אותך?
Kas teadsite, et Jumal armastab sind?
Alam mo ba na minamahal ka ng Dios?
Alam mo ba na nagmamahal ka ng Diyos?
क्या आप जानते हैं कि भगवान ने तुम्हें प्यार करता है?
Tahukah Anda bahwa Jesu mengasihi Anda?
Bạn có biết rằng Thiên Chúa yêu thương bạn?
Eğer Tanrı sizi seviyor olduğunu biliyor muydunuz?
당신은 하나님이 당신을 사랑하고 있다는 사실을 알고 계셨습니까?

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Beto O’Rourke: If You Purchased an AR-15, Keep It

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U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke clarified his stances on AR-15s and gun control reform during his appearance on The Chad Hasty Show on News/Talk 95.1 & 790 KFYO.

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Adele – Hello (Live at the NRJ Awards)

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‘Hello’ is taken from the new album, 25, out November 20.
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The Biology of the Theology of the Body with Vicki Thorn

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Using scientific studies, Vicki Thorn shows how men and women are inherently different, yet are built to complement each other. She explains the biochemistry of sex, the problems of the sexual revolution and the fascinating science of attraction. Mrs. Thorn uses biological data to show that the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on sexual morality is not outdated and has significant benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual well being of men and women today.

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Vicki Thorn is the founder of Project Rachel and the Executive Director of the National office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation & Healing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work has led her to research how people fall in love and bond to each other. She explains how her findings (especially related to hormones) affect human behavior and relationships. She is a trauma counselor, spiritual director, and a prenatal loss and bereavement facilitator.

Coming to The Throne 10 07 2018

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Turning Point Church & Ministries is planted at 2641 Princess Anne Rd. Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States. Our Senior Pastor is Dr. Clarence E. McPherson. We are a multi-ethnic ministry who pushes to reach God’s kingdom through every sector of society.

Haunted Railroad Tunnels inside America’s Deadliest National Park

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During tonight’s paranormal investigation, we will be visiting the Deadliest Park in America, Lake Mead.

Lake Mead is a National Park in North America home to a wide variety of recreational activities. Over Seven Million People visit the Lake annually to enjoy the history, sights, and activities Lake Mead has to offer. However, what most people do not realize is, as they enter Lake Mead, they are entering a 200,000 acre graveyard home to quite a few ghosts and haunted places.

Since the Hoover Dam was constructed in 1936, Lake Mead has been surrounded in tragedy.
By the time the Dam was constructed, 109 people had already lost their lives here. In the past ten years alone, over 275 people have passed away, making Lake Mead the deadliest national park in america. This is one of the main reasons as to why Lake Mead is a great area for Paranormal Investigations. Many ghosts/spirits still walk the grounds of Lake Mead.

One of the most popular sights Lake Mead has to offer is the unique Historic Railroad Tunnel Hike. In 1931, a 30 mile long Rail Line from Las Vegas was constructed to haul heavy equipment and materials to and from the Hoover Dam. During its construction numerous people lost their lives here from faulty explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning from the gas powered machinery, and other work related accidents. After construction of the dam was complete, the rail line was sporadically used until 1961, when the last generator was hauled down the decrepit line.

Today only 4 miles of the line remains maintained and accessible to the public. Tonight, our goal is to hike along the desolate trail, and find out for ourselves if any of the workers still haunt these tunnels..
The Reason we chose this paranormal place over others is due to the history surrounding the Hoover Dam. Numerous people died while working on it and we believe their spirits may still haunt the area.
These tunnels provided a great spot to conduct our midnight paranormal investigation since it was one of the few isolated areas near the dam.
Once we arrived at the first tunnel we immediately were able to communicate with a ghost or spirit. All of our ghost encounter was filmed on a Canon 80D camera. In the ghost video we captured the spirit moves the rods together or apart depending on its response. crossing the rods in this case meant yes while separating the rods meant no. During our spirit communication, the ghost was able to tell us he worked near or on the Haunted Railroad (railroad) we were standing on. This ghost activity left us feeling confident about our ghost hunt.

This Haunted Railroad was one of the best Paranormal places we have visited yet!

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Peter Jones: A Gnostic Gospel

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Americans are incurably “spiritual,” but this spirituality expresses itself in ways that are incompatible with biblical Christianity. It expresses itself in ways that are essentially Gnostic. The American church has not been immune to the influence of this American Gnosticism. In this message, Dr. Peter Jones compares this private, mystical, and inward religious mentality with the corporate, doctrinal, and visible faith of orthodox Christianity.

This message is from our 2010 West Coast Conference, Christless Christianity:

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The unexpected beauty of everyday sounds | Meklit Hadero

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Using examples from birdsong, the natural lilt of emphatic language and even a cooking pan lid, singer-songwriter and TED Fellow Meklit Hadero shows how the everyday soundscape, even silence, makes music. “The world is alive with musical expression,” she says. “We are already immersed.”

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Straight No Chaser – Hallelujah

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