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A Note to Teachers: AP U.S. History units and lesson plans can be sorted out on the History & Social Studies landing page using the "AP U.S. History" option on the expandable sort table. The bulk of the AP U.S. History units and lesson plans can also be found under the EDSITEment We The People initiative landing page.

Why should we teach our children history? By Stacia Deutsch. Scholars say that teaching history to kids has many important benefits. History provides identity.

Interesting lesson plans ranging from ‘What Is an Atlatl?’ to ‘Mapping and Excavating a Jello Mold’ integrate archeology with social studies, math/science, art.

Bill Gates wants to change how students learn history. As a recent feature in The New York Times Magazine details, the Microsoft founder and current richest man in the world went on a mission to change history curricula in the US after.

Professor David W. Blight, director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, explains why prevailing American historical narratives necessitate Teaching Tolerance’s Teaching Hard History report.

This Black History Month, consider going beyond Dr. King. For example, teach your child about Rosa Parks, the seamstress and civil rights activist whose refusal to.

By Caitlin Smith. With new technology making the world more interconnected every day, it can be beneficial no matter what field you work in to have a good idea of the.

About our nation itself? “Slavery is hard history,” Jeffries writes. So, besides accurate textbooks, what does it take to teach it effectively? GUESTS Hasan.

Mar 25, 2013  · About 15 years ago, I had the chance to drive James Loewen around for a couple of days. He was in town for a two day workshop and afterwards had to get to.

Virtual Field Trips For Social Studies Well, honestly, neither did we, but a group of Evanston Township High School students in suburban Chicago got an all-expenses paid trip to Johannesburg. worked with ETHS social science teach

I really tried to stay away from this story of the Bronx teacher stepping on the backs of Black students during a lesson on slavery. I was determined to celebrate.

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The other day I was having dinner at a friend’s house and was chatting with his 12-year-old daughter who attends a local public school. I asked her how she was doing.

Randy Fujimoto has a mission statement on his website: “A quest to transform education through game-based learning.” That’s a big idea, to be sure, but we think he might have a chance to succeed, especially with his new model for.

Teach For America is a diverse network of leaders who confront educational inequity through teaching, and work with unwavering commitment from every sector of society.

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Feb 04, 2018  · Why Schools Fail To Teach Slavery’s ‘Hard History’ : NPR Ed A new report says too many students don’t know the basics of.

ExplorePAhistory includes more than 100 lesson plans for elementary school, middle school, and high school instruction, all written by Pennsylvania teachers and.

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that lecturing is the least effective method of teaching. Kelly contends that historians “have remained stubbornly ignorant of the history of teaching and learning in our discipline.” In his recent book, Kelly provides his own contribution to this.

The HISTORY HAPPENS Collection teaches American history using music in a project-based environment that teaches across the curriculum, incorporates digital media and.

The text of the Second Amendment isn’t very long, but some of its most fervent.

History teaching resources for KS3-5. Teachit History allows teachers to share resources with each other to avoid reinventing the wheel!

matics lessons. Using history to teach mathematics, makes your lessons not only interesting but more meaningful to a large percentage of your students as

Recently, a state panel rejected the requirement to teach South Dakota Native American history, according to a local newspaper. In a state where the drop-out rate is 50 percent among Native American students, this is very discouraging.

Kentucky Educator Placement Service At least one person was killed and multiple others were injured during a shooting Tuesday morning at Marshall County High School in Kentucky, according to a statement posted on Twitter

The embattled principal of a Bronx middle school accused of barring a teacher.

Find creative ideas for teaching history with recommended reading, crafts, timelines, and more.

People that love a good adventure and the discovery of the truth often have a desire to learn how to become a history teacher. You can get expert advice now

Consider this from a disturbing new report on how U.S. schools teach — or, rather, don’t teach — students about the history of slavery in the United States: u Only.

You are here: Home / Our Homeschool Curriculum / The Foundations of World History / Using the Bible to Teach History. Using the Bible to Teach History.

From 1817 to 1827, the Cherokees effectively resisted ceding their full territory by creating a new form of tribal government based on the United States government.

Many say that public schooling is failing. The evidence offered depends upon the critic’s viewpoint. Policymakers, politicians and the private education industry point to the inability of schools to meet federal mandates. Left-leaning.

Discussing difficult topics in a meaningful way with adolescents isn’t easy. But.

History education today is trying to move past the old tradition of “teaching kids about names, dates and facts, and nothing deeper,” he said, as well as focus.

FUN Ways to Teach American History, including DVDs, books, and other fantastic resources.

Last summer, I hosted a hackathon for middle school students at Medgar Evers College. Picture 40 enthusiastic young people ready to learn about coding,

Ever wonder why Black History Month is in February? In 1926, historian and.